My trip to Egerton Castle

Written by Annie, Work Study, Nakuru This past week I visited Egerton castle with Timothy, one of the kids from the center. The castle was built by English Lord, Maurice Egerton for his mistress during the years prior to Kenya’s independence from England. Lord Maurice Egerton was in love with a girl back in England.…… Continue reading My trip to Egerton Castle

My first days in Nakuru

written by: Robinson, Co-Director, Nakuru Today marks exactly one week that I have been at the IHF Nakuru Center, and the experience i have had is indeed amazing though there have been a few challenges along the way. I arrived to Nakuru from Nairobi on the 1st of November. Since it was my first visit…… Continue reading My first days in Nakuru


Written by Joyce, Co-Director, Nakuru Last week I spent most of my time visiting primary schools, and it wasn’t the first time I went to schools our kids enrolled in. Most of my visits are because of school fees. Primary education in Kenya is supposed to be free and all of the text books are…… Continue reading STRUGGLES OF KENYAN EDUCATION

Why Our Kids Love Chapati

Written by Isabel, Co-Director, Nakuru. My name is Isabel and I work as a Co-Director at the Nakuru Center. I have been working for IHF for the last 8 months and I have come to learn a lot from the kids here. I will try to share what the kids taught me about the thing…… Continue reading Why Our Kids Love Chapati

A visit to Massai Mara National Reserve in Kenya..

Blog post by Joyce, Co-Director, Nakuru.    . Last week I was fortunate enough to travel to Massai Mara National Reserve to have a close look at lovely wild animals, together with our work-study volunteer, Kenzo. Maasai Mara National Reserve is a large game reserve in Narok County, which is an approximate 7-hour drive from Nakuru.…… Continue reading A visit to Massai Mara National Reserve in Kenya..

Life in Nakuru

By: Kenzo, Work Study Kenya Although it feels as if I have been here for far longer, I arrived at the Nakuru centre just over a week ago. Now that I’ve settled into the swing of activities that happen at the centre and more generally in the Nakuru’s way of life, I can reflect on…… Continue reading Life in Nakuru

My First Week With IHF Kenya

By: Xinxin, Voluntourist Kenya A week ago, I arrived at Nakuru and started a two-week program at the IHF children’s home. This it the first time I have attended a volunteer program like this, so I felt nervous when I first arrived. When our car drove into the center, many kids gathered around and said…… Continue reading My First Week With IHF Kenya

Challenging and Beautiful Kenya

By: Song, Voluntourist Kenya My name is Song, and I’m a volunteer from UNNC.  I came to Nakuru six days ago, and in these days I have learned that their living environment is very hard and I would like to try my best to help them.  The children here are smart and adorable and some…… Continue reading Challenging and Beautiful Kenya

Kenya: First Impressions

By: Cao Yaqing, Work-Study Kenya I have been in the center for four days. First I took one day to recover from the 24-hour-flight, and then I started to work. Aggie and Edita, the co-directors here, gave a tour of the center for me. There are several little houses in the Center. The work-study volunteers,…… Continue reading Kenya: First Impressions

Wonderful Days at IHF Kenya

By: Owen, Olivia and Rivers, Voluntourists Kenya We arrived in Kenya feeling excited, and we got a warm welcome from the staff and kids. After unpacking, we gifted the kids with the footballs we carried here. It was such a pleasant thing to see: the genuine smiles on their faces, showing their shyness and happiness.…… Continue reading Wonderful Days at IHF Kenya