Written by: Soufian, Co-Director, Chiang Rai Here I’m again, a lonesome Moroccan at the Chiang Rai Center with two children and a frustratingly slow traveler PC. Two kids left the center for vacations and the other two are working full time, staying outside the center. Moreover, this week the housemother left, she moved to another…… Continue reading OUR LITTLE ORGANIC PROJECT

My memories from Chiang Rai!

Blog post by Soufian, Co-Director, Chiang Rai, Thailand. Thinking about leaving IHF family after one month makes me feel really sad, as I got used to the life in Chiang Rai center and the city. But due to some visa issues I had to book my round trip flight to Morocco. However, I consider coming…… Continue reading My memories from Chiang Rai!

Welcoming the newcomer!

By:  Soufian, Co-Director, Thailand As this is my first blog post with IHF, let me Introduce myself to you, my name is Soufian, born and raised in Agadir, a coastal city in the southern part of Morocco.  Being a social worker has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I have taken the first step…… Continue reading Welcoming the newcomer!

Elephants and Birthday Cake

By: Sarah, Co-Director Thailand We had an interesting week at the center, it was Arisa’s birthday! She is now 19. Arisa’s day started with a present in front of the door of her room. At school, two different friends cooked cakes for her! At midday, Jiraporn and Nupon went to Arisa’s school to take lunch to her. After…… Continue reading Elephants and Birthday Cake

A Week of Achievement!

By: Sarah, Co-Director IHF Thailand We have had a very intense week in Chiang Rai. We are in the rainy season and this was definitely a rainy week. As a result, we did a lot of cleaning work because our roof is broken and every time it rains, the center resembles a swimming pool. The bad weather caused…… Continue reading A Week of Achievement!

We have a Lot of Friends at the Center

By: Sarah, Co-Director IHF Thailand This week in Chiang Rai was a normal, busy week. It was raining even more than last week, and so we were not able to do a lot due to the bad weather. For this week’s post, I would like to tell you about the friends we have living with…… Continue reading We have a Lot of Friends at the Center

A Week Full of New Events

By: Deanna, Work-Study Thailand This week at IHF Chiang Rai our mango trees are ripe and ready to be eaten. Several times this week we have seen Arisa, Jiraporn and Nupon, climb the trees in the backyard to pick fresh mangos for everyone to eat. On top of it being the right time for Mangos,…… Continue reading A Week Full of New Events

A Day of Adventures

By:  Teresa, Co-Director Thailand I’ve only been in Thailand for three weeks, and I’ve already seen so much!  This week one of our work-study volunteers, Hernan, and I were able to take a trip out to Baan Dam, also known as the Black House Museum.  It is a collection of buildings, items, and artwork all…… Continue reading A Day of Adventures

Week 2: Work Study Thailand

By: Hernan, Work-Study Thailand The week passed by very quickly; Teresa the new co-director came the previous Sunday. Julie advised us to go downtown on Monday so I would be able to show her where do we buy the vegetables for the center, groceries (Big C supermarket,) and where to pay the bills. So that’s what…… Continue reading Week 2: Work Study Thailand

Tour Guide Chiang Rai

By: Julie, Executive Director Thailand and Kenya This week was spent being a bit of a tour guide.  I quite enjoyed showing our latest voluntourists the local sights including my favourite haunts. Chiang Rai ‘beach’ is actually a sandy area next to the Mae Kok river. The Mae Kok is a tributary of the famous…… Continue reading Tour Guide Chiang Rai