It’s a Day to be Happy at IHF Awards!

By: Sahat, Co-Director IHF Medan May is in full of happiness in Aceh! We are so excited to report that our Pass It On Ceremony was successfully done on Saturday, 28 May 2016. We are very proud to make a special theme of this event “IHF Awards.” The theme was happiness! This event had been anticipated by all…… Continue reading It’s a Day to be Happy at IHF Awards!

Birds Take Flight

By: Sahat, Co-Director Aceh  It’s already May. That means final exams are coming soon. All the classes are going to review the lessons they have learned this semester. We are hoping that they can catch up on lessons that they have missed before. Not to mention, all the teachers will make some changes according to…… Continue reading Birds Take Flight

Hello from Aceh Center!

By:  Sahat, Co-Director Aceh This week I had my first full days working at the IHF Aceh center, as I have recently transferred from Medan to Aceh.  I was able to train with Emma and Kristine at the center for a short time before they left for the IHF Jakarta center.  During my time with…… Continue reading Hello from Aceh Center!

Artists in the Making

By: Kristine, Co-Director Aceh We have been having so much fun with our 4th grade class!  They have had a few special activities recently that have brought out their artistic tendencies. First, we did origami with them, making paper frogs.  This activity required them to apply focused attention and practice their listening skills and following…… Continue reading Artists in the Making

The Second Week at IHF Aceh Center

By: Jim, voluntourist Aceh When I was typing these letters, it was the end of my teaching journey in IHF Banda Aceh Center. Compared to the first week, I felt more comfortable to deal with lessons and the daily life. Along with the normal classes, we also taught mandarin to SMP students. It was very…… Continue reading The Second Week at IHF Aceh Center

Lessons from a Paper Boat

By: Wendi, UNNC Voluntourist Before I came to Aceh, I thought the people there must be quite different from those in China. In fact, the appearance, the whether and the way they dress is significantly different. However, one little thing changed my mind. It was the paper folding. After the SD1 English class was over, I…… Continue reading Lessons from a Paper Boat

The Aceh Experience

By: Frank 施可强, Voluntourist Aceh It has been one week since I arrived in Banda Aceh, so everything is still really interesting to me. I’ll never forget my excitement when I saw the splendid Islamic dome of the Banda Aceh Airport. But after first week’s exploration, I have to say the sight of Banda Ache…… Continue reading The Aceh Experience

Cultural Lessons and a Wedding!

By: David, Co-Director Aceh In the United States, we tend to think of the holiday season as a time of fervor and activity. Decorations get put up, towns and cities organize ceremonious displays, and the populace gets infected with the “holiday spirit.” We even associate the time with dramatic weather in the form of snowfalls…… Continue reading Cultural Lessons and a Wedding!

Aceh for the Holidays

By: David, Co-Director IHF Aceh The holidays are here and things are starting to wind down in Banda Aceh. During this time, many schools close and children go to their villages with their families. This means that a majority of students aren’t going to be here. As such, we won’t be holding regular classes again until…… Continue reading Aceh for the Holidays

Aceh: Fully Sponsored, Preparing for Exams

By David, Co-Director Aceh This week came with some excellent news. We found out all of our students in Aceh have been sponsored! The children and staff are incredibly grateful for our sponsors’ generosity and hope that it can be similarly extended to those in need at IHF’s other centers. But before we can get…… Continue reading Aceh: Fully Sponsored, Preparing for Exams