Uncountable Nouns and Creativity

By:  Kristine, Co-Director Jakarta We’re almost at the finish line!  One more week of exam preparations then it’s time for our students to show what they have learned this semester. Last week in Jakarta, our junior high school students reviewed present and future tenses.  They did grammar drills and practiced choosing the right tense to…… Continue reading Uncountable Nouns and Creativity

Super Heroes for Super Kids

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta This week our special activity was to create super heroes! All of the students were very excited, and we had a larger than normal turnout. Seeing the student’s anticipation throughout the week for this Friday special activity was great. Both the boys and the girls were excited. Who doesn’t love super heroes?…… Continue reading Super Heroes for Super Kids

5 Days at IHF Jakarta

  By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta Monday  The first day of the week is always filled with surprises and hard work. We continued our training with Joyce and looked at the week ahead: sponsor letters to write, special activities to plan, another (!) co-director to invite into our home, and the finance training workshop for our…… Continue reading 5 Days at IHF Jakarta

Some First for Jakarta’s Newest Co-Director

By: Joyce, Co-Director Jakarta First Impression When I stepped out of airport in Jakarta, the heat wave immediately hit me. A new journey is going to start for me on this tropical island. On the way to Jakarta center, I was trying to picture my new life while watching the most common transportation, motorbikes, passing…… Continue reading Some First for Jakarta’s Newest Co-Director

Art History and Fundraising

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta This was a very special week for use here at Jakarta center. Not only did we have a full week of classes, but we organized and hosted a fundraiser as well! Katarina has begun her Art history program with our students. This week they learned about the art of ancient Egypt.…… Continue reading Art History and Fundraising

Positive Momentum at IHF Jakarta

By: Gabby, Co-Director IHF Jakarta Some new introductions are in order for us here at IHF Jakarta. As volunteers progress in their lives and careers, changes must be made. Though we are always sad to see our local volunteers move on, we support them wholeheartedly in their future endeavors. We were happy to officially take…… Continue reading Positive Momentum at IHF Jakarta

A Sponsor Visits: a Busy Week for Jakarta

By: Gabby, Co-Director Jakarta This week was busy here in Jakarta as always! Along with classes and special activities, we had a visit from one of our sponsors and held a meeting for our teachers. Lenko and Renta are sponsors for two of our children here in Jakarta: Putri and Ica. Putri and Ica are our house…… Continue reading A Sponsor Visits: a Busy Week for Jakarta