Volunteer Nurse

The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) provides a home for children at its center in Nakuru, Kenya. This facility has around 65 children ranging from the age of 6 – 19 years.  We have basic medicines and facilities necessary to provide first aid and intervention for common childhood illnesses. We need a nursing volunteer who can provide medical care, assist in health education programs with the children and give counseling support. For more serious conditions or emergencies, the Center Nurse would accompany the child to the nearest hospital in Nakuru. The busiest time for the Center Nurse will be 3pm – 9pm weekday evenings and weekends when the children are not at school. This is a residential volunteer role.

For your international tasks you will be assigned teams made up of volunteers from other centers, and you will work on administrative tasks not just for the Nakuru center, but for the whole organization. Your tasks may include producing media content, assisting with fundraising efforts and generating online outreach efforts to promote our organization’s goals and projects. We will particularize your tasks to suit your skill set, so that your expertise in health care benefits all IHF centers. This is a great opportunity to experience the overall management of an international organization and receive training in a multi-level, multifaceted work environment. Before arrival at the center, you will already become a part of the team by completing pre-trip tasks with our international teams to gain an understanding of the kind of work you will be doing.

Candidate Qualifications: A Registered Nurse or equivalent with specialization in children’s health or community nursing would be essential. A willingness to pitch in with the wider work within the center to support the children and the ability to live in basic conditions is also required. This is an ideal position for a newly qualified nurse who would like to gain work experience or experience of working in another country/culture.

This is a hugely fulfilling role in a center that has a desperate need for this assistance. Our children are all part of an extended family from East Pokot and are serious about improving their lives and taking their learning back to their community. They deserve a volunteer who will provide not just excellent clinical care, but also warmth and a genuine concern for their well-being.

We provide basic accommodation and food at our centers, where you will live with your co-workers and the children. The minimum stay is 4 weeks. Unfortunately, as a nonprofit, we are unable to provide these amenities freely and we charge a minimal cost of $75 per week for the first four weeks, $55 per week for the fifth through twelfth weeks and no cost from the thirteenth week on. These costs are to cover room and board, both very simple. We are not able to cover travel or insurance expenses or any other related expenses, but we will help you with your travel and visa planning. We will also work with your university to meet requirements for you to secure credit or external funding when possible.

If you are ready to apply, please send your CV to university.relations@ihfonline.org


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