Volunteer with us

IHF is an organization formed only by volunteers. If you want to be one of us and contribute with your work to achieve our goals, we have several positions you might be interested.
Co-director:  IHF is looking for hard-working, dedicated volunteers to commit one year in one of our 6 children’s homes and education centers. Your role will be to manage the day-to-day maintenance of the center’s programs and activities, in addition be part of our international task teams such as University Relations, Fundraising or Media. Click here for further information
Voluntourist: For short stays (two weeks minimum), come to help at one of our centers and still have time to visit the surroundings and enjoy a different culture. Click here for further information
Work-study Volunteer: For longer stays (four weeks minimum) IHF has this program, where you will be working on local task, as well as on international teams. Click in each type for further information:

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  1. Ala' Frihat says:

    Hi.. Is it a volunery work? Don’t you pay money for volunteers?!

    1. Dear Ala, yes, is an unpaid volunteer work, you can get more information in our website: http://www.ihfonline.org

  2. Godrich Humphray Kweka says:

    Have helped volunteer to travel ?? Like me I live in Tanzania?

    1. Sadly we are unable to provide any financial assistance for travel.

  3. Wesley says:

    Where does one apply?

    1. To apply for a co-director position, send your resume/CV and cover letter to hiring4@ihfonline.org

      To apply for a voluntourist or work-study position, please send your resume/CV and a letter of motivation to acceptancedenial@ihfonline.org

      We look forward to seeing your application soon!

  4. Oguntuyaki says:

    I’m oguntuyaki kolawole, from Nigeria. I was
    an orphan right
    from my
    little age of 2year before Mr. Oguntuyaki
    adopted me as his
    foster son
    at age of 14year, Mr Oguntuyaki help with
    little he can,
    because is
    not that rich, But thank him and God that
    lead us together.
    Now I want
    to use the little experience I have to make
    impart to people
    that are
    in need of it. I have Diploma in
    computer science,5year experience in
    in video editing,2year in computer
    engineering. I have no
    because I’m praying to God to make me rich I
    can make
    other happy.
    Please and please, I have no money to offer
    for your
    programe, help me
    so I can be useful than now that I’m useless
    to people in
    need. I
    would like
    to volunteer my time, skills, determination
    and energy to
    improve the lives of others and to have a
    positive impact in
    your organization, just to make good impact,
    if I’m allowed
    work with your centre.

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