If you would like to make a meaningful contribution to the work IHF does, we invite you to join our team of volunteers from all around the world! Please find the volunteer program below that best fits your interest. Ignite change from the ground-level and apply today!

For Short-Term Volunteers:

  • Our Legacy Traveler Program, you’ll have an opportunity to split your time between volunteering to teach English to local children and touring the beautiful island of Bali, help with repairs and renovations in magical Chiang Rai. This program has a minimum commitment of 2 weeks and the cost is $200 USD per week (accommodation and meals included).


  • Through our Legacy Volunteer Program, you’ll have an opportunity to connect your expertise and experiences to a unique service project that will create a sustainable solution for the children living in our Homes and their communities which we help to support. This program has a minimum commitment of 4 weeks and the cost is $100 USD per week (accommodation and meals included).


  • Specialty Volunteer Program: Our IHF Centers are in need of industry professionals, such as teachers, medical personnel, accountants, and engineers, to help us with a variety of special projects. Volunteers in this program will have an opportunity to put their professional passion into action while cultivating expertise on an international level.

    See a list of our current needs by clicking here.


For Long-Term Volunteers:

  • Global Leadership Development (GLD) Program: Volunteers accepted to this program will complete a 4-month comprehensive program by participating in rotational assignments in the core components of our organization, including center operations, community development, finance, fundraising, media and communications, and more. Volunteers will deliver real results on behalf of the organization, while gaining hands-on experience and coaching from senior leaders. More information can be found by clicking here. If you’re looking for a position in our organization, it’s possible that a volunteer would be promoted to a Co-Director volunteer if both of us agree that the partnership has been successful after this 4 months program is completed.

    Locations Currently Available: IndonesiaNakuru, Kenya and Chiang Rai, Thailand

For At-Home Volunteers:

  • IHF is looking for volunteers who are willing to spend 2-3 hours per week to support IHF and our mission through remote assistance, from the comfort of their own home. Volunteers should be organized and have an eye for detail. We are currently looking for those who have the ability to proofread documents written in English and who have experience with Google applications (especially Gmail and Google Drive). We are also looking for people with experience in financial reporting, accounts payable/receivable, monthly reconciliations, and international currency exchanges. Training and support for both roles will be provided

7 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. I’m oguntuyaki kolawole, from Nigeria. I was
    an orphan right
    from my
    little age of 2year before Mr. Oguntuyaki
    adopted me as his
    foster son
    at age of 14year, Mr Oguntuyaki help with
    little he can,
    because is
    not that rich, But thank him and God that
    lead us together.
    Now I want
    to use the little experience I have to make
    impart to people
    that are
    in need of it. I have Diploma in
    computer science,5year experience in
    in video editing,2year in computer
    engineering. I have no
    because I’m praying to God to make me rich I
    can make
    other happy.
    Please and please, I have no money to offer
    for your
    programe, help me
    so I can be useful than now that I’m useless
    to people in
    need. I
    would like
    to volunteer my time, skills, determination
    and energy to
    improve the lives of others and to have a
    positive impact in
    your organization, just to make good impact,
    if I’m allowed
    work with your centre.

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