The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our international centers as part of our Voluntourist program. IHF runs children’s homes in Nakuru, Kenya and Chiang Rai, Thailand, as well as education centers in Bali, Banda Aceh, Jakarta and Medan, Indonesia. As a Voluntourist, you would gain hands-on experience with an international not-for-profit NGO at the ground level and contribute your time and talents to substantially helping provide better opportunities for young students.

You will complete four hours of at-center work a day. These tasks vary from center to center, day to day. At our Indonesian education centers, you will teach English to young students for whom English is a tool to secure better jobs in the future. In our children’s homes in Thailand and Kenya, daily tasks will include assisting with homework and organizing projects and activities for the children. At all centers, you will provide the co-Directors with needs-based assistance in the daily maintenance of the centers, becoming a part of the IHF family and integral to the work we do.

This is an ideal opportunity to gain firsthand experience in international development, but still have time to explore  a new place and culture. In Indonesia, our centers offer unique insights into  Balinese Hinduism, the busy capital of Jakarta, or beautiful and wild Sumatra. Our Kenya center is close to numerous wildlife parks and safaris, while our Thailand center is in the vicinity of incredible temples, waterfalls and scenery. You will have plenty of time to visit these incredible settings, but work must remain a priority. By both volunteering and sightseeing, you will have a unique experience, and hopefully you will leave our center with a better understanding of your surroundings and IHF as an organization.

Candidate Qualifications: You must be fluent in written and spoken English. We value volunteers who are creative and innovative, willing to take responsibility and easily adapt to new conditions and unexpected situations. Each IHF center is a product of its environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country. So must our staff and interns. Our volunteers must have high inter-cultural sensitivity and be tolerant to different views and ways of life.

Voluntourists stay at least 2 weeks. We provide basic accommodation and food at our centers, where you will live with your co-workers. Unfortunately, as a nonprofit, we are unable to provide these amenities freely and we charge a minimal cost of $150 per week. We are not able to cover travel or insurance expenses or any other related costs, but we will help you with your travel and visa planning.

If you have any questions at this time, feel free to e-mail one of our helpful volunteers at volunteering@ihfonline.org. If you’re ready to apply, send your CV to applications@ihfonline.org.


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  1. Freya George says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I’m a 19-year-old History student and am interested in applying for a voluntary role at one of the 3 centres for the summer of 2016. Firstly, are their opportunities available at this time? Secondly, how much would it cost to go and do we need any qualifications such as TEFL or can we volunteer without these? You outlined that potential volunteers must be fluent in written and spoken English – which I am – so is that all we need?

    I really very interested and keen to apply so I appreciate you answering my questions.

    Many thanks,

    Freya George

    1. Dear Freya, please contact volunteering@ihfonline.org. They will help you with your application. Thanks for your interest on volunteering with us,
      Kind regards,

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