About International Humanity Foundation

Half of IHF's mission is to educate the poor and the other half is to educate the world about the poor. Our vision is to strive for a world of leaders and citizens who have interacted with, and are truly knowledgeable about the world's poor. We believe in a "pass it on" philosophy where education is free and available for all who seek it. Those of us who have received a free education pass it on by helping others less fortunate by teaching, interacting and learning. With just a few hours a week, our volunteers, children and sponsors are changing the world we live in. IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that strongly believes in an equal opportunity for all and in preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of the marginalized communities it works in.

Aflatoun Classes at IHF Medan

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This week we have been starting our Aflatoun classes aAflatoun singing and dancing activityt IHF Medan center. The classes ranged from SD1 until Senior levels. The classes were organized by all the local teachers, who organized the activities according to the Aflatoun handbook.

At the beginning of the class, we introduced them about what is the meaning of Aflatoun. Actually, we are expanding our workshop since last February with the objective of training children on social and financial issues.

Then, we continued the activity by asking the students to make the symbol of IHF copying the one on the hand book we have. We provided the kids some pieces of paper so they could put their hands over it and draw the silhouettes of their own hands. To make it more interesting to the students we colored the pictures with the same colors as IHF symbol: blue, orange and red.Drawing class

We had such a great day; the kids enjoyed a lot the class. The teachers also made the students singing and dancing. We believe that the most important thing is always to make fun the classes so the students enjoy it and come always motivated to the center.

All of us, Co-Directors at IHF Medan will always try our best to make this possible.

Art class

Time to start fundraising!

This week in Chiang Rai has been rather exciting for IHF,
as we are planning a fundraising event at a local restaurant called Northai. This event will include a trivia night, crafts and paintings by the children and of course, food and drinks. We are currently in the midst of creating advertisements and getting all the nitty-gritty work done! We’ve had countless hours going back and forth with ideas and how to approach this event. We have met with the owners of Northai and they are so generous and caring! They offered us free options so IHF can get more profit! We also tried the food at Northai and it was incredible and now we can’t wait to get this event going! By next week, we are hoping to start making crafts with the children; which will be so much fun as we are using things around the centre as our materials. This is a good way for us to also tidy our garden. I can’t wait to see what the children make because our children here are so bright and creative. Yesterday, they were cutting each other’s hair and they did an amazing job with it. This of course led to one of our lovely co-director getting a free haircut.
By Beatrix Setiawan Chiang Rai, Thailand
Northai 1


49 weeks left

After telling my family and friends that I was going to Indonesia for a year, most of the time, people were either surprised or shocked. “A year! That’s such long time, how do you prepare yourself for that?!” I kept saying that a year isn’t that long, and it will probably flies by really quickly… And here we are, already three weeks passed and ‘only’ 49 till finish this project.

On March 30th I left Amsterdam, for a dream job in Jakarta, working for a NGO where among other responisibilties I will be teaching as well. Before my departure, my thoughts consisted of: ‘How am I going to cope with the climate? What kind of people will I work with? Who am I going to live with?  How many cockroaches will I have to fight in the bathroom with?’

But once I arrived, all these questions disappeared. Well… except about cockroaches! There have been some incidents… always keeping our guard up!.

Living and working at Jakarta’s center, has been really nice, colaborating with other co-directors and teaching the kids. There is a great atmosphere in our center, that makes the life easier.  I teach three different levels and all of them have some challenges but are very charming at the same time. Of course, during my first three lessons I was nervous, but after one or two classes you get used to it and all that uncomfortable feelings just disappear and now I’m enjoying teaching a lot. All my students are very smart, curious and super cute.

My only trouble is that the time goes by really quickly. Three weeks passed and I am already feeling the weeks slipping through my fingers.  It ssounds pretty dramatic, I know. I still have 49 wonderful weeks left, that will bring loads of fun lessons, trips, laughter, coconut cake filled with syrup, mosquito bites and cockroaches, and I am going to enjoy every single moment.



Co-Director Jakarta Center


Discovering Mount Sinabung

By Evgenia, Work-study, IHF Medan

I arrived in Medan center three days ago, after a very long flight!! The sun was shining and I was so happy that I had finally arrived!! I was so excited, waiting to meet new friends and have great experiences!

The first day I was just sleeping, but the next day, Zoe and me  decided to go for a trip to the volcano Sinabung! So, we woke up –I have to admit not too early- we got a becak (wow!!) and we went to the bus station. After a two hour trip into the jungle we arrived nearly to the top of the mountain, where we had to get another mini bus heading to the volcano! Unfortunately, it was already too late and there were no further buses travelling in this direction…

So we decided to stay there, buy some souvenirs in the local market and eat boiled corn and drink sugar cane juice!! It was absolutely great!! The market was so big and full of local fruits and traditional clothes!! Everybody seemed excited to meet us, as we look so different from them (maybe we DSCN5784look like aliens and we don‘t know it yet) and they wanted to take pictures of us!! I had never thought that there is a place, that I would be so famous!!

Anyway, at 6 pm we decided to go back and the real adventure began… Every mini bus was so full, there were no seats left and the people were climbing on the roof. I was like “oh my god I can’t go in there”! But I had to! So we had to decide if we wanted to travel sitting on the roof with 15 persons (who were already up there) or crouching (because the mini bus was too low) inside the mini bus. It was a difficult decision I can say, but we decided to travel inside because it was raining!!

Unfortunately we were not alone. Close to a panic attack, Zoe and I noticed that there was a cockroach on the head of the woman who was sitting next to us. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of this, because I couldn’t move!! I had to convince myself that everything was under control and I could still call my mama to save me if I needed to (hahahahaha!!)


After this looooong and crazy trip, we got another mini bus, hoping to go home finally! However, the night was long. Suddenly we heard a big boom and the bus broke down! We were in the middle of nowhere and we were forced to walk and pray a taxi would save us! In the end technology saved us!! We called a local friend, who was able to order us taxi and we finally arrived home! I have never wanted my bed so much!!!

It was for sure one of the most exciting experiences of my life, it was so tiring and fun at the same time!! Finally I live my life to the fullest!!

Meanwhile in Banda Aceh during Dustin’s holidays.

by Dustin and Emily, Banda Aceh.
After being reunited at the center with Emily for a few days following her long vacation, it was time to leave her once more, and renew my spirit with a few days of my favorite sport at an ultimate frisbee tournament in Bali. It was great to see a very different part of Indonesia and enjoy a passion of mine that I haven’t experienced since leaving the States. A definite highlight though, was seeing the Bali Co-Directors Esther and Rafa face to face for the first team. I share a couple online teams with Esther, and so was already acquainted with her diligent yet upbeat style through almost daily correspondance, and it was great to have the chance to exchange stories and perspectives from our very different locations. Rafa is quite the impressive figure, and his jovial nature is very infectious. As his time at IHF comes to a close, I know many people will have smiled many more times thanks to his contributions and companionship.


While Dustin was having a blast in the Bali sun, life in Aceh continued pleasantly more or less as usual. Despite emphasizing to the students throughout the week that we were open on Friday (a public holiday in Indonesia), only a hand full of students came, mostly SMA who just wanted to hang out because there was no school and they didn’t know what to do with themselves. So, we decided to go on a fun recruiting trip together (speaking English along the way). Who better to advocate for IHF than the students currently benefitting from the program? They turned out to be quite the convincing group and are now eager to come with us again! Hours later, we plopped down at a nice cafe by the beach and enjoyed some fresh juices together. It was a nice day and we’re looking forward to some new registrations.
It’s been blisteringly hot in Aceh, which makes me more sweaty and miserable than anyone. I’m from New Hampshire in America, a state that’s starting to thaw out from the long winter freeze right about now. I feel thoroughly thawed already in the Indonesian sun. The students are feeling it, too, however. There’s some slowness to the ongoing SD 3/SD 2 football game; a sluggishness to the way the students take out their books for class. I sat on the tile floor the other day under the fan. My students thought I was crazy until they tried it and realized the floor is the cool place to be. Anything to escape the heat. Nevermind curly hair – I’ve given up on salvaging any semblance of a fashionable hair style in this humidity. Fuzz is the name of the game and apparently it shows.
One of my SMP students recently asked, “Emily, why you no fix your hair?”
I grunted and simply replied, “Why don’t you fix your hair. Grammar!”
by Dustin and Emily, Banda Aceh – Indonesia  Achaceh2aceh3

Began with a little seed

by Xie, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

It’s really hard to describe how this trip began, but what I can tell for sure is that after two weeks, there is no way to stop me from missing this incredible place even I’m just about to leave.


It’s a quite straight forward thing that in such pure scenery, all the people here share the same characteristics, kind and optimistic. Children here are so lovely and curious about anything around them.They are born to become amazing people and to be the future of this fascinating island.

Last week, we organized a special activity for children based on environmental education. We hold a special lesson in Indonesian about the importance of recycling plastic garbage and what it means to environment, comparing the life-cycle of the different materials when they are thrown into the sea. We did a small group competition dividing the differents type of garbage that it could be found at the beach next to the center, as there are tons of garbage arriving everyday to the beach. Even if it was so hot and all of us were sweating at the beach the kids were very excited to pick up as much rubbish as they could.


Even for children in such age, they cannot fully understand the meaning of the importance about taking care of the planet, I’m sure that the seeds of protecting the environment are already planted in their little heads. They will become towering trees in the future, that’s the why education is one of the basics in every country.

If you are interested in helping people, especially kids, if you would love a pure natural world, if you are willing to share your future with these ‘seeds’. You should share your life with IHF Bali.


The survivor chickens

We have an hennery at Chiang Rai center, and around one month ago I had a thought “If we have a hennery, we should have eggs”. We went to the chicken coop and yes, there was 13 little eggs waiting for us. We took 12, leaving one so the hen wouldn’t be traumatized for losing all of them and continue putting eggs

We were very happy and excited “Great, now we have a real farm!”… “Let’s make an omelet!” …”No, I want scrambled eggs”… The omelet won and we used 4 of them, keeping the rest at the fridge. It was delicious!

When the kids came back from the school, we couldn’t wait to tell them the good news. “Hey, come to see, we have eggs” We were very proud of our discover…until we saw Nupon’s face. We understood that we had done something really bad.

“No, no good, chicken inside!” We couldn’t believe him. He explained us that when the egg are small like those, it means that there is a chicken inside, and more important, he reminded us that we had a rooster walking around, and certainly fertilized the eggs.

At this point you should know that Ushmi, one of the directors, is vegetarian. She got very sick and guilty, the rest of us just a bit guilty (the omelet was very delicious…) So, we took the rest of the eggs, now  8, from the fridge, and put them back at the nest of the hennery, hopping they would be able to born.

photoimage (1)

We waited, and waited. One month later, almost forgotten the chicken’s situation, we started hearing the “tweet-tweet” so went to the chicken coop and saw, for our relief that 6 of them were born…how happy we were. Especially Ushmi, that before was really worried about the karma.

Now we have 6 beautiful little chickens walking around the center with their loving mother taking care of them. It’s true that only half of them made it, and that the ones that stayed at the fridge for a couple of hours have a different color from the one that stayed at the nest…but they are alive and all of them are survivors!

By Laura, Co-director Chiang Rai center.

Moving from Jakarta to Medan Center

Recently I found out that I will be leaving Jakarta center soon, as I am moving to Medan IHF center. My feelings are mixed about this right now. Although I have always wanted to visit Sumatra one day, I am feeling sad that I have to leave behind Jakarta. This is not so much because of the city but because of all the wonderful people, friends and students, that the long distance is going to separate me from.

I will really miss everyone here. First of all, Christina, as we arrived at the center together and we haven’t been separated ever since, not even on our weekends! I will miss having fun with the children of the house, Ayu, Ade and Rahma. Especially Rahma and the secret girly talks, games and yoga practice we had together! I will miss Ibu, her wonderful Indonesian cooking and her daughter Ica with that sweet little rounded face of hers! The local volunteers of the center, the warmhearted ‘Hellos’ from our neighbors and most of all, I will miss all my lovely students! I wish that you will give and receive the same or even more love and knowledge from your next teacher.

Thank you all so much for giving and sharing with me so many unique moments and experiences! I will always have the sweetest memories of all of you`:)

By Zoe


Cleaning to Educate!

by Sahat, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last week, we had a great idea to clean the center with all the volunteers. IHF Medan Center is quite big and large. In front of the center there is a big tree and some bamboos so the leavesCleaning a ditch of those trees always fall and make the land become filthy. Even the pamphlet of IHF board has been hiding by the branches of the trees and the fill in a ditch.

In our center we have many students from different levels; starting from SD 1, around 5 years old until Seniors. We are trying to educate them to not throw the rubbish on the floor. We are also trying not only to educate the students in knowledge and English but also in discipline for a better life. We believe that teaching is sharing and showing the teachers knowledge, however the most important thing is how to give a moral lesson to the children and have them in high moral standard.

Cutting some branches of tree
Now on, we, as co-directors at IHF Medan Center (Aditi, Lissa, Sahat) hope to give the best of us and the totality of our effort to the center.pamphlet of IHF board

Nasi Goreng!!!!

By Carlos, Work-Study, IHF Bali

I arrived to Bali Center almost one month ago very nervous and excited about this new experience that I was facing. It was my first time out of Europe so everything seemed new to me.

I wanted to enjoy this experience as much as possible, meeting Indonesian people and culture, learning Indonesian language and trying the delicious Indonesian food. That’s why I started asking to some of the volunteers who speak the language how to say the things in Indonesian. Of course, the most important word in all languages is thank you, so the first word my partners told me was “nasi goreng” which means thank you, or that’s what I though.

My second day in Bali we all went together to have lunch in a restaurant, when the waiter brought my drink, I told him “nasi goreng”, to be as much polite as possible and he look at me confused and I repeated “nasi goreng” in case he didn’t hear my thank you.

After 30 minutes the samP1080416e waiter came to our table with a plate of fried rice for me I couldn’t understand what was happening but the rest of the volunteers were laughing so much. I didn’t understand the situation, why did he bring me fried rice? I wasn’t really hungry. When my friends could stop laughing they explained to me that Nasi Goreng, is a typical Indonesian dish basically made by fried rice mix with vegetables and eggs, actually the right word to say thanks in Indonesian is “terima kasih”.

It was a little joke for the noob, which turned into a really funny day and at the same time that I tasted some typical Indonesian food I learnt my two first Indonesian words easily, I will never forget them!! Nasi Goreng for this unforgettable day!!