Capturing moments 2016: Medan

By Aditi, Co- Director, Medan. As we are coming close to the end of this year, we can’t help but reflect on all that has happened through the year at our education center; different workshops, special activities, classes, exams, graduation ceremonies, different festivals celebrated in togetherness, our housemother giving birth to a baby girl and…… Continue reading Capturing moments 2016: Medan

Moving ahead. Together!

Written by Aditi, Co-Director, Medan The week began on a good note with a birthday celebration of one of our co-directors! A small surprise was planned for him; we cut the cake and had a good laugh together. During the week, Mehdi, another co-director at the center organized a stress management session for the children. …… Continue reading Moving ahead. Together!

Hiking trip to Sibayak

Written by Mehdi, Co-Director, Medan Last weekend me and Letizia, the other co-director, went for a hiking trip on mount Sibayak and it was an unforgettable experience, to say the least! We left Medan around 4pm and found ourselves stuck in traffic for about two hours. After a long journey crammed inside a very compact…… Continue reading Hiking trip to Sibayak

A Visit to Lake Toba

Written by Mehdi, Co-Director, Medan After a rather hectic week at the Medan center I decided to spend my weekend at Lake Toba. It felt good to be out in the nature again after 2 weeks of non-stop traffic noise and smog. I left Medan very early in the morning and arrived at Parapat just…… Continue reading A Visit to Lake Toba

The beginning…

Written by Tony, Co-Director, Medan It’s been a little over a month since I arrived on these islands – Indonesia. This country never ceases to amaze me. I was surprised by the fact that this country is made up of more than seventeen thousand islands and has so many diverse cultures and traditions! Despite being…… Continue reading The beginning…

My life in Medan as a voluntourist!

By: Wenwen, Voluntourist Medan This is not the first time I choose to be a voluntourist with IHF, the first one was three years ago when I went to the Bali centre in Indonesia. And it was during that time when I made my mind that I would explore the other places as a voluntourist.…… Continue reading My life in Medan as a voluntourist!

Taking a Break in Penang!

By:  Letizia, Co-Director Medan Last week in Medan was quite nice and quiet, like usual, however I didin’t see so much of what happened in Medan because I was on my long weekend in Penang, Malaysia!  The kids at the center celebrated the birthday of one of our SMA students, Atin, with a giant Jack…… Continue reading Taking a Break in Penang!

Recruitment and a Trip to Bukit Lawang

By:  Letizia, Co-Director, Medan This last week at the center has been very quiet, but also fun!  The Ramadan holiday was not yet finished, but some students had already started coming back to the center for lessons.  The classes are not full yet, so we have started doing recruitment around the neighborhood.  We promoted the…… Continue reading Recruitment and a Trip to Bukit Lawang

Four Days in Singapore

By:  Teresa, Co-Director Medan Last week I was able to take my four-day break, and I went to Singapore!  One of our local volunteers, Jeni, came with me and we had a great time.  We stayed at a little hotel in the center of Chinatown, next to some excellent Chinese restaurants.  We were also conveniently…… Continue reading Four Days in Singapore

Carnivals, Daredevils, & Dances!

By: Teresa, Co-Director IHF Medan I am just beginning to explore some of the activities Medan has to offer. One fun activity I enjoyed this week was going to a small carnival that was set up near the center; they had cotton candy and rides – just like they would in the US. I went with…… Continue reading Carnivals, Daredevils, & Dances!