Let’s Make Another Round of Memories at the IHF Aceh Centre

Written by Mutiara Hanny, local volunteer, Aceh

Hi everyone,

My name is Hanny. I am a local volunteer teaching Math at the IHF Aceh Centre. When I arrived, I did not have much experience, rather the opposite…


But IHF gave me the incredible opportunity to teach the students at the center. My Co-directors (Emma, Kristine and Sahat and Vlad) have always supported and guided me on how to teach these young students. They have also helped me in becoming the teacher that I am today and the big progress that I have made so far.

I forgot to mention it: everyone at IHF works as a volunteer, even the Co-Directors and the Executive Director. So, when Sahat arrived as my new Co-Director, I learned to understand that determination and motivation could lead a person very far in his or her life. I truly look up to the way the Co-Directors handle their tasks at our center. They have thought me that engaging yourself to help the others is not only about giving money to a good cause. The things that we do here every day have also a huge impact in the lives of our students and their families: our teaching helps the students to get closer to a better future, one where they are not dependent of another to grow further and obtain their goals. We help them to reach their dream as much as possible. We work on this every day with a lot of laughs, joys and happiness from the children. No matter what they face and how they feel daily, it never prevents them from putting a smile on their face. Knowing this gives me a huge satisfaction in what I do and helps me get through the difficult periods that I witness.


How do I position myself in this story? As a volunteer, I have to admit that I am still nothing compare to the volunteers that I have had the chance to meet while I am staying here. The time, sweat, tears and efforts that I went through maybe just 1/10 of theirs. But at one point, I came to the realization that the things that give us strength as a teacher is nothing less than the love that we receive every single day from the children. If I was not able to teach for a lesson, they will ask for me and show me their concerns as soon as they got the chance to see me back. Before my arrival, I firmly believed that working with children at the center would be leading me towards being a better person. Now, I know I have grown much more than I could possibly ever have dreamed of. At the center, new faces come and go everyday but memories and the experience that I will take home with me will always remain.


These are all the reasons why I have never regretted my decision to join IHF. It has truly changed my life in a positive way.


My time with IHF

written by: Isra Yauminnisa, a local volunteer, Aceh

I have known about IHF since my third semester in school, I am now in my fifth semester of college. I have loved to teach since I was in elemetary school. I always pretended to be the teacher when I was a young student. Sometimes my friends didn’t want to play that game, because they were bored. But it was never boring to me.


When I heard about IHF from my friend I was so interested and I wanted to apply to be  volunteer right away. I suddenly I lost my confidence to apply because I was afraid I wouldn’t be as good as the amazing volunteers at IHF, and was concerned IHF might not accept me.

This semester I changed my mind and thought, “you will never know untill you try”. I encouraged myself to apply for a volunteer position at IHF. I was told by brother Sahat, a Co-Director at IHF Chiang Rai Center, that they already had enough teachers for all classes, but I could help a volunteer who taught one of the classes. This is no problem for me because I can learn everything from another volunteer before I teach alone.


I started to volunteer with IHF, and learned while helping a volunteer teach their class. After 3 weeks at the IHF, brother Sahat assigned me to teach a SD 5 class. Since I started teaching SD5 I have met funny and smart students. They make me happy, increase my spirit to teach, and have my working on how to be the best teacher I can be.


At IHF I have not just met amazing students, but also amazing friends, one of them is brother Sahat. Brother Sahat is a very friendly person, he always gives his full attention to all volunteer, and he also appreciated me for my work. He does everything to help the volunteers during their time with IHF. He holds art class for the students, and he helps me to prepare to teach my classes. I hang out with the other volunteers and sometimes learn from their teaching styles. I’m so blessed I can join IHF I get to experience teaching, learn more and improve my English, and I meet amazing students and friends. Thank you IHF!

Being a volunteer at IHF Aceh Center!

Written by: Ronal, local volunteer, Aceh


I took my phone and looked at it. In one of my apps (LINE) I saw that my friends shared some interesting news within our group – IHF was looking for a teacher for their Aceh Center. I found that information very interesting and decided to apply since I was looking for some new experiences in my life.  I called IHF Co-director and asked him about this foundation. He invited me to come to the center located in Geuceu Komplek. I went there and took part in the interview. I was a little bit afraid because it was the first time I was interviewed for a volunteering position. Mr. Sahat asked me a lot of question about my studies, previous teaching experience, my address, and my reasons to join IHF. Alhamdulillah, I answered all of his questions and received a proposition to work as a volunteer for International Humanity Foundation.

dscn4249I was scheduled to teach classes SD3 and SD6. I found it challenging at that time, because I was afraid that my students won’t  pay attention to what I say during the classes. But this feeling was lost when I read some motivational words that pushed me to work and try to be a good teacher.

On Saturday, I taught SD 3 students. It was my first class. I came to the class with my friend, Yanna Zahara. We study together at my college. We taught SD3 students together. I was focused on encouraging them to listen what I’m saying. I decided to sing a song to draw their attention to me and I was happy because it was a good move. After I finished, they listened to me till the end of the lesson. We were happy at that time.

On Monday, I had a class with SD 6 students, but this time I enjoyed myself a little bit more because before the class I have prepared myself very well. I taught them about storytelling and past continuous tense. I was very happy because they seem to understand the topic I was teaching.

dscn4281I hope I can teach my students to be the best generation of the future and I hope they will develop this province (Aceh). For myself, teaching nowadays became a hobby. I feel proud when I can teach my students and help them become successful adults. Mr. Sahat told me a lot of motivational words. Now I feel that I want to be a better person, and I’m working on it more and more everyday.

Catching Up With Aceh

By: Sahat, Co-Director Aceh

We have a new co-director at our center!  His name is Tony and he is from India. We are happy to have him at the center. The children love to hear about Bollywood stars; actresses and actors DSCN3449from India. They also have many questions for Tony about food and traditional clothing from India. The parents love talking to him and sharing Indonesian culture with him. We went out to see a festival night market with the local teachers and we let Tony try some different foods. We had so much fun! This week we also got a visitor named Doris from China. She was a volunteer at the IHF Aceh center a few years ago. She is traveling with her mom, so they stopped by the center.  The teachers and students like talking to her and we all took DSCN3347photos together.

One of wonderful local teachers, Ms Riska, is teaching math for SD1 students at this time. She loves teaching math for young learners. Before, she was teaching older learners at the center. The children are fond of learning about math and English, and they are very active in the classroom. We have started holding a short fun quiz at the end of each lesson. Whoever can answer the question gets to go home first. Everyone gets excited to answer and participate in the quiz. Riska is a super friendly teacher, and she is a great help to us. Not to mention that the children really like her!

DSCN3383This week, we held a workshop about making flowers from banana branches. The materials we used were papers and many paint colors. We divided the students into two sessions, SD2 and SD3, and SD5 and SD6. There were about 20 students who joined in this workshop. Everyone was asked to make two pieces of paper with flowers drawn on them.

We also held a cleaning day at the center. We started cleaning from the inside of the center, including the classrooms, living room, kitchen, and yard. Everyone participated in this activity and they were so helpful! We also decorated a stage that we want to use for the upcoming celebration of the 17th of August. Students, teachers, and co-directors all helped!


Crafting with Shells

By: Riska, Local Teacher Aceh

Halo everyone!

I am going to share with you our art activity this week at the center.  We held an art class with our SD5 students and with a new teacher named Nisa.  Actually, we were looking for some inspiration to create something with shells, and we certainly found a great idea to use these materials.  We also needed plywood, paint colors, and hot glue.  We divided the students into two groups, the girls made flowers and the boys made a starfish.  We timeDSCN2801 the groups and they each had a leader for their group.  It was like a competition!

At first, we had prepared the plywood in different sizes. Then, we put hot glue on top of shells and sticks, and placed them on the wood. The shells were placed to follow the size of the pictures that we wanted.  We needed to make sure that the glue was hot and held strong. Then, we put different colors on the cover of the shells, to make it more visually interesting. We did this using the paint colors.  There were four teachers helping, and also a co-director.

Finally, we could make the handicraft with the shells.  We took pictures with the crafts and loved all the shell crafts very much. I felt good about this project!  The children have great art skills. Not just great ideas but also great pictures and they are great at sharing.  They did so well!  Even for the boys’ group, who struggled at first to handle the work, ended up doing well. They are all so talented and inspiring.


Three Ways IHF Impacted My Life

By:  Nisa, Local Volunteer Aceh

Hi everyone!  First, let me introduce myself. My name is Nisa, and this year I finished the senior level with IHF.  I would like to share my experiences with IHF, both when I was a student and now as a teacher. I am happy to say that now I am a volunteer at IHF and I am teaching class with the children here. To me, they are my younger brothers and sisters at the center. Recently, I have been helping with art classes.  Mr. Sahat always supports me to organize special activities regularly.  I would like to share with you three things that have changed in my life since I joined with IHF.

Being a student at IHF has given me many opportunities to meet people from around the world.  They share their experiences with us and we exchange information about culture and language.  I love studying English here, and I can practice my skills with them.  They correct my mistakes when I am speaking.  These experiences have given me many unforgettable moments and I gained a lot of knowledge to improve my English skills.  I am very proud to say that the Aceh center is a good environment to study and find new friends.  So, if people write positive things about IHF with their own experiences, please believe it!  It is very true.


This month is when I got the chance to teach art classes.  My first experience was teaching painting with SD5 students.  We made a beautiful painting using our fingertips.  I liked my class this time, we had fun together with painting.  During another class, we made crafts with flannel material.  That time, my class made goody bags.  I gave instructions how to sew the flannel step by step, and helped my students add more stickers on the surface of the bags.  At last, my class produced some wonderful goody bags with different models and colors.


Being a volunteer is learning how to help others, using what we have.  Now, I realize that to help people through volunteering will give me valuable lessons in my life.  I see many unlucky people with less opportunities.  I found great volunteers at the center and all people in IHF have wonderful hearts and good souls to share knowledge without expecting something in return.  I have learned a lot from them.Felt 1

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to write about my experiences with IHF.  I will be happy to share with you again other events and activities at the center.  I hope you can join us and do volunteering at IHF.  Believe me that you will get unforgettable experiences when you decide to come to the center.  I hope you have wonderful days in your life.  See you later!

Felt 2

It’s a Day to be Happy at IHF Awards!

By: Sahat, Co-Director IHF Medan

May is in full of happiness in Aceh!

We are so excited to report that our Pass It On Ceremony was successfully done on Saturday, 28 May 2016. We are very proud to make a special theme of this event “IHF Awards.” The theme was happiness! This event had been anticipated by all the children after they had completed the final exams. One day before the ceremony was held, we were so busy preparing things, going over the Run-Down for the Pass It On, figuring out gifts for the rank holders of each class, making sure that all the grading completed, certificates DSCN1466created and signed by teachers, wrapping the prizes and decorating the center with senior students. We were all very excited and can’t wait to see their smiles faces at the event then.

On Pass It On, we were welcoming students with activity such as to play music and songs. Then, children who got the best scores would show up to get their certificates and prizes in front. Since we didn’t want to miss a thing at this event, it was a very good time to take pictures with the teachers and winners together to document our great moments. We also prepared some special awards for best attendance in each class. We believe that all the children felt so much joy when they went home from the center. This time, we had a favorite teacher of the year, too. Risqa was chosen as the best teacher. She was greatly appreciated by all of us. The children are also really close to her. DSCN1497Risqa is just like an older sister for them.

We had some delicious food. Bunga and the teachers helped us to prepare some fried rice (nasi goreng), cakes and drinks. We gave out the snacks, drinks and ate together. Then, we continued organizing for activities. Everyone was excited to follow the games. They were given additional prizes to those who won at the games. Finally, we took one final picture with all the children and teachers. We realized that it was a precious moment at our center this time. We will start classes again soon, and we hope that students will come more to register for the new school year.

Birds Take Flight

By: Sahat, Co-Director Aceh DSCN0456

It’s already May. That means final exams are coming soon. All the classes are going to review the lessons they have learned this semester. We are hoping that they can catch up on lessons that they have missed before. Not to mention, all the teachers will make some changes according to the level of their classes. After that, we need to compile and make copies of the papers so they are ready to be handed out on the exam days. The students were informed in advance about the exam schedule. We will also hold a Pass It On Ceremony a week after the exams. Everyone is so excited for that moment, and cannot wait to learn of their own exam results.

IDSCN0425 have been browsing the internet to help me think of craft activities for the children this week. Want to see what I have found? Here you go! This kind of activity was so much fun with the kids. The theme was about making 3D birds. The materials are origami papers, glue, and crayons . It is quite easy to make actually. The children were given instructions to be followed step by step. First, they needed to draw the bird sketches on the drawing paper according to their interests. They could draw any kind of bird they wanted. Next, they cut it and painted it with color. Last , we folded origami papers to make the wings and fastened them with glue. This craft can be adapted with siDSCN0463mple preparations and clear instructions so that it can be attempted by children of all ages.

All our children quickly and easily made the craft, and they were satisfied with what they had produced. Crafting with children is all about having fun, experimenting, and adapting activities to suit what we have available and we think that the children would enjoy most. We are planning to make something new next time!

Hello from Aceh Center!

By:  Sahat, Co-Director Aceh

13000219_983520641717739_4166695342902758756_nThis week I had my first full days working at the IHF Aceh center, as I have recently transferred from Medan to Aceh.  I was able to train with Emma and Kristine at the center for a short time before they left for the IHF Jakarta center.  During my time with them, they trained me on everything about how the center works.  They introduced me to the classes and the children at the center.  They are the best co-directors!  At first I was worried about handling everything by myself, but all is running well so far.  The children are very good here; the classes are going well because they are amazing students.13007331_983515708384899_7814058128761926971_n (1)

I feel very blessed to be here.  The children have a big curiosity to learn the lessons.  It surprised me to see that children come extra early to the center because they want to learn more.  They come early to read books in the library and discuss their homework with the teachers at the center.  I like being a part of their life here and the people are very friendly; they love to meet new-comers and open their hearts to everybody.

12998394_983522541717549_4528292087882676621_oWe have great local teachers to help us teach the classes at the center.  They are generous teachers and willing to share their time and their knowledge with the children.  They do this work without getting anything back in return.  These experiences have added many unforgettable moments in my life.  I will never forget this!

Artists in the Making

Photo ShootBy: Kristine, Co-Director Aceh

We have been having so much fun with our 4th grade class!  They have had a few special activities recently that have brought out their artistic tendencies.

First, we did origami with them, making paper frogs.  This activity required them to apply focused attention and practice their listening skills and following instructions.  They did a great job!  They are such wonderful kids that those who were ahead in making their frogs assisted those students who were a little behind.  After all the frogs were made, we had an origami frog race.  The judges are still trying to decide who won.

IMG_1464We also had a special art class where the kids got to paint any scene they wanted.  They learned what colours to mix in order to get other colours.  They really enjoyed using paints because we don’t do that often. Most chose to paint landscapes or flowers.  We spread newspapers across the tables to minimise potential messes and make cleanup easy, and the kids went to town.  The results were beautiful. They left them at the centre for a few days to dry then took them home after their next class.Art Class

Finally, we had a photo shoot with some of the girls after class one day, just for fun.  What models they are!  We didn’t even have to pose them.  They just naturally posed themselves and did such a great job.  All we had to do was snap the photos.  We ended up with some beautiful shots of our gorgeous students.  Meanwhile, the boys weren’t feeling particularly artistic that day and instead played a quick game of football.

We’ll see what great works of art we get from our promising students in the future!