Let’s Make Another Round of Memories at the IHF Aceh Centre

Written by Mutiara Hanny, local volunteer, Aceh Hi everyone, My name is Hanny. I am a local volunteer teaching Math at the IHF Aceh Centre. When I arrived, I did not have much experience, rather the opposite… But IHF gave me the incredible opportunity to teach the students at the center. My Co-directors (Emma, Kristine and Sahat and Vlad)…… Continue reading Let’s Make Another Round of Memories at the IHF Aceh Centre

My time with IHF

written by: Isra Yauminnisa, a local volunteer, Aceh I have known about IHF since my third semester in school, I am now in my fifth semester of college. I have loved to teach since I was in elemetary school. I always pretended to be the teacher when I was a young student. Sometimes my friends…… Continue reading My time with IHF

Being a volunteer at IHF Aceh Center!

Written by: Ronal, local volunteer, Aceh I took my phone and looked at it. In one of my apps (LINE) I saw that my friends shared some interesting news within our group – IHF was looking for a teacher for their Aceh Center. I found that information very interesting and decided to apply since I…… Continue reading Being a volunteer at IHF Aceh Center!

Catching Up With Aceh

By: Sahat, Co-Director Aceh We have a new co-director at our center!  His name is Tony and he is from India. We are happy to have him at the center. The children love to hear about Bollywood stars; actresses and actors from India. They also have many questions for Tony about food and traditional clothing…… Continue reading Catching Up With Aceh

Crafting with Shells

By: Riska, Local Teacher Aceh Halo everyone! I am going to share with you our art activity this week at the center.  We held an art class with our SD5 students and with a new teacher named Nisa.  Actually, we were looking for some inspiration to create something with shells, and we certainly found a…… Continue reading Crafting with Shells

Three Ways IHF Impacted My Life

By:  Nisa, Local Volunteer Aceh Hi everyone!  First, let me introduce myself. My name is Nisa, and this year I finished the senior level with IHF.  I would like to share my experiences with IHF, both when I was a student and now as a teacher. I am happy to say that now I am…… Continue reading Three Ways IHF Impacted My Life

It’s a Day to be Happy at IHF Awards!

By: Sahat, Co-Director IHF Medan May is in full of happiness in Aceh! We are so excited to report that our Pass It On Ceremony was successfully done on Saturday, 28 May 2016. We are very proud to make a special theme of this event “IHF Awards.” The theme was happiness! This event had been anticipated by all…… Continue reading It’s a Day to be Happy at IHF Awards!